New Ninjas in Pyjamas teampad

Published 31 August, 2016

Xtrfy and Ninjas in Pyjamas are now releasing a sequel to the popular NiP Lightning and NiP Italian teampads: the XTP1 Ninjas in Pyjamas Volcano edition.

The latest version of the high-performing cloth pad carries the iconic NiP symbol in a new, explosive design. Like all XTP1 mousepads, it is made with an advanced weave structure for enhanced glide and precision, stitched edges for better durability and a natural rubber base that keeps the pad firmly in place. Measuring 46 x 40 centimeters, it provides plenty of room for both high and low mouse sensitivity settings.

Read all about the new mousepad at

The Volcano edition will be available in stores this fall. If you have any questions, please contact Joakim Jansson, Co-founder of Xtrfy:, +46 (0) 46 273 60 01.

Xtrfy XTP1 NiP Volcano mousepad

NiP unveils new player jersey

Published 10 May, 2016

New roster. New strategies. New successes. 2016 has really meant a fresh start for Ninjas in Pyjamas. And with a new NiP, it’s time for a new look.

Starting today, the team will be playing all matches wearing the newly designed 2016 NiP player jersey. The new version features a lighter fabric for better comfort, and a cleaner, more sophisticated design.

The jersey will also be a part of NiP’s merchandise and will be available in stores this summer.

Do you want to be first owner of the new jersey?

Go to NiP’s Facebook page to compete for f0rest’s player jersey, signed by all the players in the team!

NiP Jersey 2016

Xtrfy at Dreamhack Summer 2015

Published 1 June, 2015

Don’t miss the chance to hang out in our booth and experience a lot of fun and amazing gaming gear!

You can find Xtrfy in Hall B, B00:01 close to the escalators that go down to hall D, try out our new mousepads and keyboards, and ask your questions if you have any. You also have the possibility to be one of the first to check out our new products, that will be launched at DreamHack Summer 2015.

Compete in our king-of-the-hill CS:GO contest where the winner will get some great Xtrfy products. The King-of-the-hill contest is organized together with CSGOSWE.

You will also have the chance to get your own Xtrfy Beanbag with a Mousepad Motive. To win the Beanbag you have to purchase the correct item in the store and collect the Golden ticket.

Also: GeT_RiGhT will sign his new mousepad in the booth

Dream expo Opening Hours:
Saturday 13 June: 11:00-21:00
Sunday 14 June: 11:00-21:00
Monday 15 June: 11:00-21:00

You can read more about Dreamhack here.


Xtrfy launch GeT_RiGhT mousepad

Published 13 May, 2015

Skärmavbild 2014-08-28 kl. 13.15.20

Landskrona, Sweden 2015-05-13

Xtrfy are happy to reveal our latest product, a cooperation between Ninjas in Pyjamas, Xtrfy and GeT_RiGhT. The mousepad will be introduced for the first time by Xtrfy at the upcoming Dreamhack Summer in June. The surface will be the same as the regular Ninjas in Pyjamas Mousepads from Xtrfy. The size of the mousepad will be 460 x 400 x 4 mm, this size is perfect for gamers with low sensitivity mouse settings.

Joakim Jansson Co-Owner at Xtrfy: 

“We are delighted to depeen the cooperation between Xtrfy and Ninjas in Pyjamas. We offer the finest quality and our  products are the ones the NiP players prefer to use. Creating a mousepad for GeT_RiGhT was a easy choice, we see it as a tribute to him after repeatedly being chosen as the number one player in the world

Christopher ”GeT_RiGhT” Alesund:

So today is the awesome day that we’ll go official with my own mousepad, I’ve been using the Xtrfy mousepad since middle of March (first event ESL One Katowice) and it has been with me for some time now. The smoothness and clean feel of the mousepad is something that suits me the most, most of the mousepads on the market right now are either too fast or too slow and I think the team behind and myself has come up with a good idea on how to make it just how I want it. Which is between those areas! I hope, for those people who are very interested in the Xtrfy mousepad that they’ll come to Dreamhack Summer to get the first feeling of it.

–       In the darkness there is One –   


About Xtrfy

When it comes to gaming, Xtrfy is a brand with years of experience. The people behind Xtrfy have been working closely with gamers for the last 10 years, and we know the requests of the gaming community. Influenced by the great gaming culture and gaming gear in South Korea, Xtrfy stands for cutting edge products specifically designed for Nordic players.

Our business philosophy is really quite simple. Whether it is computer accessories or gaming gear, our job is to put world class products on the Nordic market.

At Xtrfy, we are passionate about eSports and we want to see it grow. To bring eSports forward, we believe in supporting the community as a whole and not just the players at the very top. Many teams have the potential to go far, but lack the resources needed to get out and play. We sponsor up-and-coming teams and give them a chance to reach the next level. All for the progress of eSports in general and Nordic gaming in particular.

Here can you find the new products:

Please do not hesitate contacting us for further questions. Contacts:
Joakim Jansson
, Co-founder Xtrfy
+46 (0) 46 273 60 01



Mouse Pads on the market

Published 20 April, 2014

Finally our mouse pads have reached the market. First place we showed them on were on the Home Electronics Fair at Media Markt in Norrköping, Sweden.

You can within the closest weeks find them at our resellers stores / web pages.

Read more about the pads here:

Some great reviews on our XG1-R LED

Published 27 December, 2013

Lund, 27 December 2013

We are proud to announce that we got two reviews in christmas time.

Skärmavbild 2014-02-17 kl. 21.17.24

Check out this review in swedish on our XG1-R LED on 8 of 10.

Skärmavbild 2013-12-27 kl. 11.08.17

9 out of 10 from BrutalCS: (in Swedish)

Skärmavbild 2013-12-27 kl. 11.08.04

9 out of 10 from Gamereactor: (in danish)

Erik is showing up the keyboard for Capishe

Published 3 December, 2013

Lund, 3 December 2013

Check out this video with Erik where he shows of the keyboard at Gamex in Stockholm. Its in Swedish.

Click the picture to go to the movie:


Pictures from Dreamhack


Lund, 3 December 2013

The visit to Dreamhack was fabulous. All the Xtrfy XG1-R LED sold out at the Dreamstore, and we met a lot of great people at the show. Looking forward to next time.

Here is some pictures from the event: Xtrfy Pictures

Xtrfy XG1-R LED unboxed by Keralis


Lund, 1 December 2013

If you have missed the unboxing video from the great Keralis, her it is: