XG-C1. Adjustable mouse cord holder.

Street Price: €19

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C1 Mouse cord holder

Adjustable mouse cord holder.

The C1 reduces the drag from your mouse cord by holding it in a fixed position, providing better mouse control while gaming.


Quick and smart solution.

Attach the metal plate to your desk, place the magnetic cord holder on the plate and enjoy smoother mouse movements.


Small but strong.

The powerful magnet keeps the cord holder firmly in place.


Easy handling.

Easily place the cord in the holder at the perfect length and adjust the angle to keep it off the ground.


4 x metal plates.

Extra metal plates are included for use in various places.

Reviews & Awards


2017-03-17 | English

"the C1 Adjustable Mouse Cord Holder is a bargain" Read full »

Enos Tech

2017-03-17 | English

"The C1 Mouse Cord Holder is small and compact and a perfect accessory in my opinion." Read full »