XG-M3-HEATON. Optical Gaming Mouse.

Street Price: €79

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M3 optical gaming mouse

Design: HeatoN

Developed by Emil "HeatoN" Christensen.

Unique shape

Newly-designed ergonomic shape. Suits all grip styles.

High-performing optical sensor

Pixart PMW 3310 for solid performance.

Maximum control

Rubberized surface for enhanced grip. Teflon feet for effortless glide.

Formed by 15 years of practice, 8 world champion titles and an endless passion for gaming.

The M3 optical gaming mouse is developed by Emil “HeatoN” Christensen, eSports pioneer, founder of Ninjas in Pyjamas and one of the most successful Counter-Strike players of all time.


“The M3 is my vision of the perfect mouse. Top-performing, reliable hardware in my own, unique shape.”

Pinpoint aim is no coincidence.

The M3 has a unique ergonomic shape, designed to fit your hand naturally and give you that extra control in fast-paced gaming situations. It suits all grip styles and features a rubberized surface for better grip, and low-friction teflon feet for smoother movements. With the M3 at hand, you have every chance to improve your play.


 5 buttons + quick adjustments.

For efficient mouse handling, the two regular buttons and scroll wheel are complemented by two side buttons, a polling rate switch and a CPI-button for adjusting mouse sensitivity on the fly. No software, no hassle.

Built to perform, perform and perform.

The M3 is built with top-grade components to ensure consistent, high-level performance. From high quality Omron switches for better click control, to the Pixart PMW 3310 optical sensor, considered to the be one of the best and most reliable sensors out there. In the heat of the game, this is a mouse to count on.

LED illumination.

To top off the black, sleek design, the M3 is provided with an Xtrfy yellow three zone LED lighting. In addition to the customary illuminated logo and scroll wheel, it features a new, impactful lighting under the main clickers and an illuminated HeatoN signature.


Winning ingredients:

– Pixart 3310 optical gaming sensor
– Rubberized surface
– Teflon pads
– Clicker switches: Omron
– Side button switches: Kailh
– Scroll wheel with distinct steps for increased control
– CPI button (400/800/1600/3200/4000)
– Polling rate switch (125, 500, 1000 Hz)
– Response: 1 ms
– IPS: 130
– Max acceleration: 30 g
– Cable: 2 m, braided
– Weight: 104 g (excluding cable)
– Plug-and-play
– USB connection
– OS: Win XP or later, Mac OSX 10.1 or later
– Warranty EU/US/ASIA: 2/1/1 years


M3 dimensions


Reviews & Awards


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2017-02-12 | Swedish

"Xtrfy M3 HeatoN gör det den ska, och den gör det på ett både bra och pålitligt sätt. " Read full »

Invision Community

2016-12-19 | English

"If you are in the market for a mouse and you hate software, then this mouse is for you." Read full »

Rocket Jump Ninja

2016-11-22 | English

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2016-11-11 | Swedish

"Bra form och storlek" Read full »

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“Christoph meint: Spitzen Gaming-Nager ohne viel Schnick-Schnack!„ Read full »


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