XTP1, LGB teampad

XTP1-L4-LGB-1. Large-sized gaming mousepad. LGB edition.

Street Price: €29

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Cloth surface

Advanced weaving structure for enhanced glide and precision.

Durable design

Hard-wearing materials and stitched edges for increased durability.

Approved by the elite

Thoroughly tested and approved by professional gamers.


Machine washable at 30 °C.

LGB eSports

LGB eSports was founded in Sweden and is one of the most iconic teams in the professional eSports scene. The rise of a team with such huge potential allowed the establishment of an unusual fanbase, who took the name of this team to another level. Founded in August 2013, it was considered a different home, something unique and special. Dennis, Krimz, Olofmeister, Twist and Cype succeeded, in 2014, reaching the semi-finals of the EMS One Katowice, struggling with the best CS:GO teams in the world. It’s not just a team, it’s a beloved name that gave joy to many fans and still reminds us of good times. Players are no longer the same but the concept is and this time the potential is on one of the most promising Norwegian teams that will surely raise the name of LGB eSports and once again put us within the best teams. Currently with headquarters in Norway and with a renewed experience and seriousness, lgbesports.com aims to raise the level of news reporting and face the entertainment in a different way. Let the games begin!

High-performing materials.

It is no coincidence that the XTP1 mousepad is used by many professional gamers. The advanced weaving structure of the surface provides great glide and super-precise tracking for both laser and optical mice. And the natural rubber base keeps the pad perfectly still during the most intense moments of gaming.

Comfortable mousing.

The material composition not only enhances performance, it also makes the XTP1 an exceptionally comfortable mousepad. If you want your swipes and flicks to feel smooth and soft, this is the pad to lay your hands on.

Room for big moves.

The size of this mousepad is Large, providing plenty of room for both high and low mouse sensitivity.


For convenience, all of Xtrfy’s XTP1 and XGP1 mousepads are machine washable. 30 °C, no tumbling, no ironing – and your pad will look as good as new.

Washable mousepad


– Cloth surface.

– Optimized for both laser and optical mice.

– Non-slip rubber base.

– Stitched edges for increased durability.

– Size: L (460 x 400 x 4 mm).

– Machine washable at 30 °C.


XGP1 and XTP1 – what's the difference?

In terms of performance, there is no difference between the XGP1 and the XTP1 mousepad. The materials are the same. The difference lies in the print, where the XTP1 is our "Teampad", designed in collaboration with selected teams and players.